Free Piano Sheet Music

Piano Sheet Music

So, you're looking for free piano sheet music. Although not just any kind. You would like Modern age piano written music. However it is sadly lacking in both offline and online locations. Until recently. You see, I really like Modern piano music. Spent the majority of my life creating and playing it.

Also to tell you the truth, I'm disappointed within the complete lack of practical information on this genre. The classical music world has literally millions of items of sheet music. And jazz? You can find thousands of lead sheets, written sheets, and finished pieces for piano available. And New Age? That would be that.

Needless to say there's sheet music for first time Age piano. Hal Leonard has some just as other music publishers. Nevertheless it was mostly published during the 1980's when Modern age piano hit it's peak of popularity. Where can you get the new stuff? Unfortunately, there's not much being produced.

My search from the internet revealed a few artists who create Modern age piano sheet music but a majority of of them charge for this. No problem with that. They're working to make money doing what they love and so they should get paid. But what about the start pianist who loves New Age piano music and simply desires to play several beginners pieces? Where should they go?

Piano Sheet Music

Now you can find free piano sheet music in the Modern style. I've developed a blog where I'll post fresh sheet music regularly. And greatest's free! Why am I carrying this out? Since i love the genre and that i want more people to get thinking about it. I know many of you enjoy this kind of music but you are a bit ashamed to say you want Modern piano. I realize. No-one I understand likes the phrase "new age" but we're bound to it. A minimum of it lets us know the kind of music we're playing.

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